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Use the search bar to search for people to look after your pet in most large Slovak cities.
Choose the most suitable pet minder for you from our list.
After you have found them, just send them a message and arrange the service.
Your money goes directly to the pet minder; we do not charge any fees or commissions.
Home Childcarers are available and will look after your children in most Slovak cities. Enter the desired city into the search bar.


Whether you can’t leave your pet alone with your furniture for one night or for a whole month, this website is the place to find someone who understands animals and who will take care of your pet while you’re away. They will walk them and feed them. We can look after your pet in most of large Slovak cities. You can find your city in the list or you can enter it into the search bar. We love our little furry friends, we nurture them and we give them our love. They are like our family members. We want them to be looked after. We don’t want anything bad happen to them. Security is first on our list of priorities. This website gives you the opportunity to check the person you are going to hire to look after your pet. The process has a few simple steps.

What was written by owners

Velmi nespolahliva, nezodpovedna, nezdviha telefon, neodpoveda na SMS, neodpoveda na maily - napriek predchadzajucej dohode!! Neodporucam kontaktovat. Tento inzerat tu ma uplne zbytocne. RadoVan Kapsa

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