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The First Pet Minding – What to Watch Out for

You know your pet the best. You know when it needs walking, whether you must be strict with it or whether it is a sweetheart. You give it lots of love you wouldn’t want anything bad happen to it. That’s the reason why you want to carefully consider who is going to take care of your beloved pet. But how do you know who is the right one for the job?

Before your first meeting, try to get as much personal information as possible: Name, age, home address and phone number – those are the most essential pieces of information you will need. Ask them to show you their ID card or ask for a copy in advance. A good pet minder has looked after many pets, so ask about their previous work experience – what animals they have taken care of, where and for whom, what were the experiences like, and most importantly, ask about their relationship with animals. In case the person didn’t have enough experience, make up a model scenario and ask them what they would do in such situation. This practise is recommended when hiring an experienced pet minder as well. Ask about anything that comes to your mind. Something doesn’t feel right? Reject them. Listen to what your instincts tell you.

After finding the right one, don’t forget to exchange your phone numbers and ring one another’s phone to make sure the numbers are correct. Was your experience with them good or bad? Feel free to share it with other pet owners as well.